Smooth gaming experience with reduced stutter

For gamers, this monitor is rocking FreeSync, AMD’s variable refresh rate technology. Hook this display up to a rig with a compatible Radeon graphics card for a buttery smooth gaming experience with reduced stutter and screen tearing. AMD’s site says this TN panel can use FreeSync over DisplayPort and HDMI all the way up to 144Hz. However, Asus also says it's G-Sync-compatible model meaning variable refresh rates should work well with Nvidia G-Force cards, as well.

Non-gaming types will also enjoy the high refresh rate on this monitor–the aforementioned 144Hz. While this is mostly a must-have feature for gamers, the end result for even regular desktop use is an improved visual experience. The mouse will just glide across the desktop, and standard Windows animations will appear smoother.  For inputs, this display has one HDMI 1.4, one DisplayPort 1.2, and one DVI-D. It also has two built-in two-watt speakers, and it can tilt, swivel and pivot on its height-adjustable stand.

So whether you're playing games, video conferencing, or just trying to be more productive, this monitor will keep your eyes happy.